Ways to Prevent the Development of Cancer 

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Research paper title:  

 Ways to Prevent the Development of Cancer 

Introduction for the research paper:

 Hook: Over 1.5 million new cases are diagnosed and over half a million individuals die from cancer yearly (LoConte et al., 2018). Therefore, there is a need to stop the prevalence of this dreaded ailment.

Background Information: Cancer is a medical condition characterized by the limitless multiplication of abnormal cells in any body part.  There are over two hundred types of cancerous growths that can affect human beings. However, the most common tumors affect the breasts, prostate glands, lungs, or cervix. Studies indicate that the ailment has several causes, including exposure to substances with high toxicity levels, radioactive materials, or pathogens (LoConte et al., 2018). The genetic condition of individuals is also a significant determinant of whether they contract the disease. Many researchers have carried out investigative studies and compiled information that indicates that individuals can protect themselves from developing tumors through lifestyle transformation (LoConte et al., 2018).  The studies suggest that many actions and omissions of humanity increase their susceptibility to cancerous growth (LoConte et al., 2018). Avoiding the risky factors can aid in preventing vulnerability to the condition.

Problem Statement: This research aims to deduce the strategies that can be used to prevent cancer development in the population. It will look at multiple behavioral and nutritional changes that can reduce incidences of cancerous growth s.

Research Questions: How does eating a balanced diet reduce the risk of developing cancerous growth?

Thesis Statement: Avoiding behaviors that predispose individuals to cancer and promoting the habits that build the body’s immunity against the disease are essential strategies in preventing the condition.

 Hypothesis: It is believed that good nutrition and other factors can prevent the growth of cancer cells.