unique opportunity

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I’m glad you talked about the unique opportunity that people in pop culture have to further a social or political message when they have a large audience.

Studies on the strength of musical persuasion show that “mass media indeed shape public opinion not through direct persuasion, but through changes in standards for political opinions”(Jang & Lee, 2014, p. 126).

Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” is the example given in this article.   Is this song intended to be a mainstream message of acceptance and love?   What do you think?

(The song itself starts at about the 3 minute mark after some Gaga weirdness…and note there are some scantily clad women in the video, so watch with that consideration)

Thoughts on this?

 Erin Morris

Jang, S. M., & Lee, H. (2014). When pop music meets a political issue: Examining how “born this way” influences attitudes toward gays and gay rights policies. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 58(1), 114-130. doi:10.1080/08838151.2013.875023