(Week 2-1) Question 2: Cultural Analysis I

I. Introduction of UNIQLO (maximum 100 words)

II. The country’s relevant history (maximum 100 words)

III. Geographical setting (maximum 100 words)

IV. Social institutions (maximum 100 words)

(Week 2-2) Question 3: Cultural Analysis II

V. Religion and aesthetics (maximum 100 words)

VI. Living conditions (maximum 100 words)

VII. Language (maximum 100 words)

VIII. References (APA style format)

(Week 3-2) Question 4: Economic Analysis I

I. Population (maximum 100 words)

II. Economic statistics and activity (maximum 200 words)

III. Developments in science and technology (maximum 100 words)

(Week 4-1) Question 5: Economic Analysis II

IV. Channels of distribution (maximum 200 words)

V. Media (maximum 200 words)

VI. References (APA style format)

(Week 5-1) Question 6: Market Audit

I. Product potential evaluation (maximum 200 words)

II. Product potential problems (maximum 200 words)

(Week 5-2) Question 7: Competitive Market Analysis

III. Market description (maximum 100 words)

IV. Competitive analysis (maximum 100 words)

V. Market size (maximum 100 words)

VI. Government participation (maximum 100 words)

VII. References (APA style format)

(Week 6-1) Question 8: Marketing Plan I

I. Marketing objectives and SWOT Analysis (maximum 100 words)

II. Product adaptation (maximum 100 words)

III. Promotional mix (maximum 100 words)

IV. Distribution – Channels of Distribution (maximum 100 words)

V. Price (maximum 100 words)

(Week 6-2) Question 9: Marketing Plan II

VI. Marketing Budget (maximum 100 words)

VII. Pro forma financial profit and loss (maximum 100 words)

VII. Resource requirement (maximum 100 words)

IX. References (APA style format)