u Software via the VLab.


This assignment is completed using Tableau Software via the VLab.

  1. Access the VLab following the attached instructions where you will need to download a free trial version of Tableau.
  2. Complete Getting Started in Tableau and Tableau – DRG activities in the VLab.
  3. Perform a web-search and locate at least one other statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, or SQL.
  4. Develop a one page APA formatted paper which explains the use and importance of the Tableau statistical software and one other statistical software product used in HIM. Describe how both are used in report evaluation.
  5. Submit the VLab assignment results and the one-page paper.

Assignment Objectives

  • Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree.
    • Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
    • Subdomain III.D. Health Care Statistics
    • Section 1. Interpret inferential statistics.
    • Competencies: Computerized statistical packages
      • SPSS, SAS

Assignment Purpose

  • The health information manager must be familiar with how to use various statistical software programs.