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Click on Topics in the top navigation and choose an issue that is occurring in your community. Then, select one of the Task Force Findings; it is best to choose an intervention that is listed as “Recommended”.

After researching the issue in your local community, briefly describe the intervention you chose and evaluate how the program might be used in your area. Which local organizations might be involved in the implementation of the intervention? Who might be interested in funding this particular intervention?

Be sure to include a list of credible references to support your response.


Selina Cashin posted Mar 6, 2021 11:32 PM

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Exercise is such an important part of our overall health. Physical activity is the topic from the Community Guide that I chose. In Los Angeles County they offer many different programs to help encourage exercise. Bodyworks is a program that is meant to educate parents of young girls (ages 9-13). They give parents knowledge on how to eat properly and exercise. The goal of this particular program is to help parents become role models for their children. This in turn helps to prevent obesity and gets everyone in the family involved in making healthy changes. (LA County Department of Health) I can imagine they use this program at schools, doctor’s offices, and also churches. The school board is a local organization that can absolutely help to implement this program. Insurance companies and those in health care would potentially want to fund this program. It can help to reduce health care costs, and insurances rates by encouraging healthy eating and physical exercise.


LA County Department of public health. (n.d.). Retrieved March 07, 2021, from…


Ackieve Derizzio posted Mar 7, 2021 1:07 PM

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The issue that i chose to research is mental health in the military community. I chose this topic because i have seen how it affect military members and their families. The intervention that i choose to combat this issue is Collaborative care for the management of depressive disorders is a multicomponent, healthcare system-level intervention that uses case managers to link primary care providers, patients, and mental health specialists. It is designed to engage all the patients healthcare providers to assist in the patients mental health care. According to the task force findings, collaborative care for the management of depressive disorders improves depression symptoms, adherence to treatment, response to treatment, and remission and recovery from depression. Within the military community not all providers have access to a patients mental health document, so not all providers are aware of all that is going on and the patient will not want to talk about their mental health with everyone; therefore, the military needs to create a program where all providers can see the patients mental health documents. The organization that would need to implement this is the Department of Defense (DoD), as they have control over all things in the military. The government would have to fund this intervention as it is a program to help the service members.


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