Suffering from Discriminative Issues News Article Discussion

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Briefly describe the factors that led to this refugee crisis and the public health challenges that have resulted.

Genocide is the factor that led to this refugee crisis. A genocide is the elimination (killing) of a particular group of people with the goal of complete annihilation of the group. The group that is facing this genocide are called the Rohingya and according to the article they are deemed the most discriminated group in the world and considered a Myanmar ethnic minority group. The main reason why this group is refused citizenship and having a refugee crisis is that they are mainly Muslim and they have their own culture and language whereas Myanmar’s government are predominantly Buddhist. Religion is a big factor apart from being a minority and facing genocide. The public health challenge that arrived is that because these people are not being protected by the law, they are attacked, killed, raped, tortured, and are experiencing other horrific public health cisis (British Broadcasting Corporation, 2020).

What is the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other key global health organizations in this crisis?