research question?


You have been put in charge of a large research project and you have discovered a grant opportunity that may fund the project. The requirement to receive grant funding is to submit either a video or voice-over PowerPoint which responds to these questions.

  1. What is the topic of your research project?
  2. What is your research question?
  3. What is your research design?
  4. What is your research method?
  5. How will the research project be facilitated?
  6. How will issues in the project be tracked and documented?
  7. What are the costs and possible budget items?
  8. What, if any IRB concerns would you expect?
  9. Why would we be interested in funding your project
  10. Why is your project important?

Assignment Objectives

  • Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor’s Degree.
    • Domain VI. Leadership
    • Subdomain VI.I. Project Management
    • Section 4. Facilitate project management by integrating work efforts.
    • Competencies: Issue tracking, facilitation techniques, opportunity costs

Assignment Purpose

  • Understand research project management