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Need an research paper on marketing and business operations. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. MARKETING AND OPERATIONS BUSINESS UNIT The main aim of this project is to have well operational machine that will be dispensing coffee, the project is dabbed Costa café which means that passengers can find the service on the train. Coffee is a basic need for most people are in the United States. It is a necessity to their daily lives. The project aims at giving the satisfying effect of coffee to these people who are addicts.

With the growing need of quality Costa Café will provide great services and value for money. The project will capitalize on its availability to customers, as it will be a step way from travelers on a train. It will offer the best prepared coffee on train as passengers enjoy while they await arrival to their various destinations. We will be of great help to our customers by providing them with a relief after a great day of work through great ambience, friendly to use services, convenient locations and providing constant high quality of coffee. Costa café will invest back their profits to maximize customer satisfaction and also providing steady returns to share holders.

The Costa café will operate in almost all the trains leaving and coming into town. They will be placed in a reachable distance from where passengers are sited on the train. The project has the sum of $140,000 as a start up funds. It will be designed to attract visually the customers and designed for efficient, fast and smooth operations. There will be employee training to ensure that there are good services techniques to the customers. The project has long term strategies to ensure that they build a solid base and maintain customer loyalty.

The Coffee machines will be place at the rare end of each compartment in the train where there is plenty of space. The machine will be designed to fit and occupy a smaller portion of the train. Engineers will be hired to draw up the structure and find the necessary equipment to have the machine operational.

There will be on train managers for the café. they will be responsible for quality in the train. They will also provide assistance to the customers where need be. After some rounds of the train on the way there will be workers who will be responsible for the maintenance of these machines, it will be done on a regular basis.

According to (Ahire, 1997), quality and management has developed into an established definition and conceptual foundation. The same way Costa Café is aiming at improving the quality of services rendered to the clients. Increasingly, most of the organizations are recognizing the need for quality and quality management. Many businesses have come to a conclusion that quality can enhance their ability to get a competitive advantage over other business and in the market place. This is the reason why Costa Café is putting up some strategies that will ensure that quality and customer satisfaction is meet.


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