Relations Between Police & The Community 5 Pages APA

The paper will be 5 pages long (not including cover page and reference page). I will ask you to come up with a research problem and design. You will be expected to explain the process involved in this task. The idea is that by the time you get to this assignment, you will have an understanding of the concepts involved and an ability to articulate them in writing.

This paper should contain the relationship between police and community relations. I personally am trying to fathom how and why police relations with suburban communities are great while in metropolis communities subpar. Your specific research question(s) or hypotheses should be stated in your introductory paragraph and in your abstract. Abstract: Your proposal will begin with an abstract of your proposed study (one paragraph). This is basically a summary of your proposal and it includes your research question. Introduction/problem statement (1-2 paragraphs): After the abstract, research proposals generally begin with an introductory section that describes the research problem and establishes its significance.

This section answers the following kinds of questions: What exactly do you want to study? Why is it worth studying? Does the proposed study have theoretical and/or practical significance? Does it contribute to a new understanding of a phenomenon (e.g., does it address new or little-known material, or does it treat familiar material in a new way, or does it challenge an existing understanding or extend existing knowledge)?

Literature Review (2-3 pages): This section is a review of the literature on your topic. It is basically a term/research paper on your topic and tells the reader information that has already been discovered regarding your topic. The research problem or objective needs to be situated within a context of other scholarship in the area(s). The literature review presents a discussion of the most important research and theoretical work relating to the research problem/objective. It addresses the following kinds of questions: What have others said about this area(s)? What theories address it and what do these say? What research has been done (or not done) previously? Are there consistent findings or do past studies disagree? Are there flaws or gaps in the previous research that your study will seek to remedy? Three sources are required.

All 3 sources must be from an academic journal, not books, newspaper articles or magazine articles. You may use these as additional sources beyond the required 3 journal articles. This section requires in-text citations in APA format. You must document your sources using the social sciences standard citation method, APA.