This assignment requires you to develop a 5-7 page evaluability assessment for your chosen problem (from the Evaluation Strategy Paper) using Vito & Higgins evaluability assessment approach in Chapter 4. You will identify and describe the program theory by outlining the components of the program and determining which of them is measurable. You must cover the following in the paper: identify the purpose and scope of the assessment, develop a program template that describes the goals and objectives of the program, and create a short list of questions (5–10) for a focus group or an interview that will help narrow down the scope of the program. You must discuss each theory that supports different aspects of the program if multiple theories are being used. You do not need to address how the program will be analyzed, this will be covered in the Program Impact Paper. You must follow the outline recommended in Chapter 4 of Vito & Higgins.

Assignment specifics: 

· 5-7 double-spaced pages of content, not counting title page, abstract, or references.

· The paper will be double spaced and use Times New Roman 12-point font.

· There must be a separate title and reference page.

· Citations from 5 scholarly sources must be used.

· Citations will be in APA format.