NURS 412

NURS 412

Research Critique Paper Guidelines Spring 2019

The Research Critique Paper is worth 50 points and is due Monday, April 15th at 800am.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you find complex information from a nursing research

study for analysis and critique that will then help you select and evaluate nursing research studies

to support your evidence-based practice.

1. Use APA format and complete sentences and your own words. The paper should be no

shorter than 8 pages and no longer than 10 pages in length.

2. Do not include the definitions of research terms in your paper.

3. You may only use direct quotations from the article to state the purpose/aim and

questions/hypotheses. Use appropriate citations with author, year, and page.

4. Validity and Reliability refer to the instruments used to collect data. Do not confuse the

instruments used to collect data with the statistical tests used to analyze the data.

5. SPSS is NOT a statistical test; it is the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; data is

entered into SPSS to run the statistical tests used to analyze the data and to determine statistical

significance. Remember to report statistically significant findings and to include p values for the

statistically significant findings.

6. Use the bolded titles in the grading rubric as the levels of headings in your Critique Paper.

7. Remember to start with an introductory paragraph that states what the purpose of the paper is

and to end with a concluding summary paragraph.

8. Review the Mediasite video.

%Sample Research Critique Papers, Research Critique Paper Guidelines and Research Critique

Paper Rubric are posted in the Rubrics and Guidelines link.

9. Post your assignment in Blackboard in the Assignments link.

Assigned article for critique:

Bredesen, I.M., Bjoro, K., Gunningberg, L., & Hofoss, D. (2016). Effect of e-learning program

on risk assessment and pressure ulcer classification: A randomized study. Nurse

Education Today, 40, 191-197.Hide