Mindfulness meditation

A Draft Review Article On: Mindfulness meditation and how it can successfully engage middle childhood boys in student literacy achievement

No Plagrism!

Attatched is the outline plan and the background as to what I want to talk about, please use this plan as to the direction of the review.

Also previous work has been done on the literature review, it was fairly basic, so please step it up.

The paper is 5000words max. For the draft would be expecting at least 3000 of quality writing no less. But please don’t ramble on for the sake of the word count.

5000words max

Whilst this is a draft I do expect quality.

Please when preparing the article use these steps when you submit to me.

  1. Don’t worry about a cover page
  2. Label each section – Title, Abstract, Introduction …
  3. All other features should follow those listed in the Asia Pacific Journal of Education http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/cape20