-Media presence

Neighborhood assessment Crestview Florida. APA format

Using the information gathered via the neighborhood assessment, identify the community health risk of smoking. 

Use at least 3 citations published since 2003 which provide evidence that smoking is a health concern in Crestview Florida. Citations should include at least 2 journal articles and one book submitted in an APA format reference list. 

A written summary covering

1. People:(Comment on all of the following)

-What did you notice about the residence of the area?

-did you observe any activity?

-Are there any particular ethnic groups represented?

-What is the socioeconomic status of the residents?

2. Area (Comment on all of the following)

-Land Use

-Housing conditions

-Commercial spaces:stores, services, shops

-Road conditions/walkways/natural boundaries

-Open space/common areas

3. Environment: (Comment on all of the following)




-Water conditions

-Presence of agriculture


4. Social system: (Comment on all of the following)





-Night life


-Recreation facilities/community centers

-Healthcare facilities/offices

-Political influences

-Media presence

5. Select one nursing diagnosis for the area, smoking is the diagnosis

6. State your rational for the identified diagnosis (lung cancer leading cause of death at 28%)

7. List an intervention/strategy that the community health nurse might use to address the identified diagnosis. (Ineffective individual coping related to ineffective ways of coping with smoking).