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How does a healthcare company’s IT area ensure that its information technology plan is aligned to the strategic plan and activities of the organization? (100-150 words)

When you respond to peers, analyze the reasoning behind their answers, providing your own thoughts where necessary. Support your feedback with a strong rationale and citations where appropriate. (50-100 words each)

ALL citations and references needs to be APA 7th edition format.


Peers #1

To ensure that the information technology plan is aligned to a strategic plan, IT must establish data standards agreements on representation, format, definition, structuring, tagging, transmission, manipulation, use, and data management. Today’s challenge is to implement information technology solutions that work to improve the quality of their health care data. The organization will set forth guidelines it can use to develop a detailed specification for the IT infrastructure and the selection of and operational planning for specific technology applications. A vision is set, and a planning committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing an action plan that addresses goals outlined in the strategic plan
  2. Finalize a written strategic plan that summarizes the results and decisions of the strategic planning process
  3. Build-in procedures for monitoring and modifying strategies of the organizations progress toward reaching goals and objectives

The IT Department must support the goals and objectives of the organization for it to work. The action plan should be updated as follows on an annual basis. Proper strategic planning helps an organization establish priorities to meet its mission better.

Peers #2

Strategic planning usually is developed annually during annual budgeting, while other organizations have this all year round with a wide range of formal and informal discussions.

The strategic plan intends to guide healthcare organization information in determining clear goals, objectives, and mission. Recently the United States (US) Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released its strategic plan for 2020-2025, that can be viewed by the public (Walker, 2020). These strategic plans, goals, and objectives are 1) promoting health and wellness, allowing users to have access to secure data, and improved access to the application via mobile and portal apps, especially to rural areas, a person with disabilities. 2) enhance delivery and experience of care which ensure patient safety and high-quality of care with the use of HIT, transparency, and affordability in health care, and reduce the burden to providers 3) building a secure, data-driven ecosystem to accelerate research and innovation, which will improve efficiency, consistency, integrity, and quality of data when shared real-time 4) Connect Healthcare and Health Data in an Interoperable HIT Infrastructure to reduce cost and regulatory barriers and promotes digital economy, including enhancing technology and communications (Walker, 2020).

Having a broad complimentary strategical approach like what was stated above can have an adequate IT, and following critical factors that are initiative-specific could sometimes be the best course of action (Wager et al., 2013, p. 471). To meet these objectives and have a successful strategic plan in place, much-needed support from the organization and strong leaders and experience such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and allocating resources such as application systems to interact with electronic health records and responsibilities within the HIT department