identify and modify

1. Liz, who is 5 feet 2 inches and 170 pound, is a busy college student who has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. Detail 4 changes, including diet, that are important for Liz to identify and modify in an effort to improve her situation.

2. Discuss the relationship between free radical formation and human health, list 4 antioxidants plus food sources for each and explain how antioxidants work. Dangers of antioxidants in supplements from? Discuss….

3.List the name and symptoms of the vitamin/ mineral deficiency Disease associated with each Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Thiamine,  Niacin, Vitamin C, Selenium

4. Discuss 2 advantage and 2 disadvantages of taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

5. Lodine deficiency may be considered the world’s greatest single cause of preventable brain damage, why?

6. what is osteoporosis?list at least 5 risk factors for osteoporosis.what can be done diet-wise to lower risk?Any other suggestions to lower risk?

7. Plan a day of the DASH diet for yourself; Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, snacks;( choose foods that you like I-e would enjoy and actually eat- and foods that would fit into your lifestyle and budget). What 3 minerals does Dash encourage and why? Explain