High Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks Response

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Describe the characteristics required of 802.15.3 applications.

“IEEE 802.15.3c enables multimedia connectivity between mobile and fixed consumer devices within the home. More than 200 wireless devices compatible with this standard can be linked using low-cost and low-power radio modules.” (Olenewa, J). “No previous wireless standard has been developed exclusively for multimedia to allow the delivery of uncompressed video and audio data, resulting in a better experience for the users. Most of today’s technologies support the transmission of this type of digitized and compressed data, which means that the receiving device must be able to expand the data before displaying it on a screen or playing the audio through the speakers in a stereo system.” (Olenewa, J)

“These applications, whether for consumer electronics or for professional use, all share a set of common requirements:

• High throughput, typically a minimum of 20 Mbps, to support video and multichannel, high-quality audio

• Low-power transceivers so they can be used in handheld, mobile, battery-powered devices

• Low cost to allow manufacturers to implement wireless communications features without a significant increase in the end-user price of the devices

• Quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities, which allow devices to request more channel access time in order to prioritize high-volume, time-sensitive traffic, such as voice streams

• Simple and automatic connections, eliminating the need for technical knowledge to set up the systems

• Ability to connect to multiple other devices without the need for additional installation or configuration—in other words, able to inform other devices about their capabilities and performance and therefore connect automatically for the specified purposes

• Security features included to prevent intrusion

• Data access, which enables devices to be connected to the Internet and, for example, allows the use of digital televisions as wireless computer displays” (Olenewa, J)

Olenewa, J. Guide to Wireless Communications. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781285700267/


A high-rate wireless personal area network (WPANs) is a wireless technology that provides connectivity for multimedia devices operating. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) stopped working on 802.15.3 because there was no agreement regarding the modulation or coding system. The technology developed to connect multimedia devices, home entertainment systems, and business. Later evolved to 802.15.3c, which “enables multimedia connectivity between mobile and fixed consumer devices within the home.” (Olenewa, 2013, p. 202)

Some specific characteristics are necessary to ensure the functionality of the high rate wireless personal area networks work correctly. Interestingly, an 802.15.3c device can verify the quality of a link by requesting information from other devices and monitor signal strength. “IEEE 802.15.3c operates in the 57-66 GHz unlicensed band – generally called the 60GHz band – where there is far more bandwidth available than in all the other unlicensed bands combined.” (Olenewa, 2013, p. 219)

Some examples of HR WPAN applications are connecting a smartphone to printers to print photos, connecting digital cameras to kiosk printers like the ones in a store, and connecting laptops to projectors and sound systems for a presentation.