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Managed care does exist in Saudi Arabia, but is not as prevalent as in other countries.

Review Alomi, Y. A., Alghamdi, S. J., & Alattyh, R. A. (2017). Saudi Managed Care Pharmacy (SMCP): New initiative system of MOH prescriptions dispensed through community pharmacies. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine, 3(3), 145-53. Retrieved from…

Draft a paper analyzing the managed care use of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia. Be sure to include the following items:

  • The goals of the program;
  • Benefits & disadvantages of managed care pharmacy;
  • How this program compares to other managed care programs;
  • Impact of managed healthcare pharmacy on patients, physicians, pharmacists and facilities; and
  • Improvements that are needed for this program to accomplish its goals.

Your paper should meet the following structural requirements: