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Review Questions: Chapter 8 (1, 3); Chapter 9 (1, 5, 7)

Module discussions are graded discussions. Your posts must be professional, well organized, grammatically correct, and free of misspellings. Additionally, any content quoted, paraphrased, or gleaned from references must be properly cited (see APA & internal citations policies.) The posts should be entered directly into the discussions, not in the form of an attachment. Please type out each question and then respond. Responses to each question must be at least 100 words in length.

Chapter 8

1. Describe the differences between intrapersonal models and interpersonal models.

3. Define reciprocal determinism. Explain how person, behavior, and environment interact according to this SCT construct.

Chapter 9

1. Define social network. Think about your social network. What types of individuals are typically found in social networks?

5. Compare and contrast the four different types of social support. Provide an example for each type.

7. Define social influence. What part does social influence play in an individual’s health status?