Globalization Reflective Essay

Globalization Reflective Essay:

Please answer the following question in a 750- 1000 word essay. This assignment is meant to be a reflective essay on the impact of globalization. APA style is required for this assignment. Please upload your assignment here.

QUESTION: Explain the impact of globalization on your own life and your country (provide specific examples). Provide examples of evidence of changes. Consider how modernization and growth has affected your consumption behavior and your thoughts. Do you support globalization why or why not?

Essay will be graded as follows: 13 – 15 points = Excellent paper is well written, clearly answers the items for the assignment. 11 – 12 points = Good paper but has errors in the writing. 9 – 10 points = Fine job but has writing errors and there are some issues with the analysis. 7 – 8 points = Poor job that does not show pride in work or that time and effort was spent. 1 – 6 points = Turned in something but does not meet the requirements at all 0 points = Missing