Functional patterns


Functional patterns are the history of a patient that a nurse receives upon admission. Functional patterns consist of their previous health history and also what has occurred since arriving at the hospital also can be described as course since admission. This information is so beneficial because it allows a nurse to see what has been done in diagnosis of the individual currently, what needs to be done to assist them and their past medical history that can assist with the current health problem. Functional patterns help a nurse and other health care provider with trending past and current health issues that need to be fixed.

One elimination complexity is pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is rare but it can be a chronic or acute condition that occurs. It is an inflammation of the pancreas that occurs, and it is important to treat so that it does not progress to other problems such as renal failure and sepsis (Whitney, 2018). If a patient was to be admitted with possible pancreatitis; it would be important to not only do a physical assessment but ask patient history and symptoms. Important assessment and history to note would be pain, fever and/or nausea and vomiting in the last few days and abdominal distension (Whitney, 2018). History to be aware of is peptic ulcers, cholelithiasis, hyperlipidemia, cystic fibrosis, drug usage and alcoholism. Being aware of these clinical signs and medical history can assist with proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent further deterioration and complications.