factors that may facilitate the evolution

Answer the following questions based on two (2) of the specific outbreaks. Be specific with concrete examples and content.

  • What are those factors that may facilitate the evolution of local epidemics emerging into global pandemics?
  • How would you deal with it if discovered in your local area?
  • What strategies would you employ at all 3 levels of prevention?
  • Identify one (1) strategy you would use to teach the community to prevent these
  • How would you measure the success of your interventions?
  • How does the information gained being a “disease detective” assist you in your current practice?

Part 1: Discuss two outbreaks(150 words and 2 references)

  • Breathless in the Midwest
  • The Case of the Conference Blues
  • Connect the Spots
  • Birthday Party Gone Bad

Part 2: Discuss two outbreaks (150 words and 2 references)

  • The Queens Killer
  • Sugar Plantation Blues
  • Laid Low in the Desert
  • Up Sick Creek