ETSU Medical Terms Used that Describe the Amount of Sugar in The Blood Case Que

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Case Study Questions – C-1 Diabetes

1. What are the two medical terms that describe the amount of sugar in the blood? Analyze the terms using the word division method described in this chapter.

For example: GASTR/O/SCOPE; Gastr/o – combining form and means stomach.Scope –

suffix and means instrument to visually examine

2. What type of medical specialty or doctor cares for people with diabetes? Analyze the terms using the word division method as described above.

3. Jake’s mother describes a condition that happens if the insulin pump is in a “bad” site and insulin isn’t getting into his body. The acronym for this medical term is DKA. Spell this term out and analyze this term using the word division method as in the previous questions.

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REFLECTION QUESTION: In weeks 1-14, we will find a personal account of disease and procedures that will make our study of medical terminology more relevant to real life situations. Why do you think the author of this textbook included case studies written in first person or from the person’s viewpoint? Write a minimum of one well developed paragraph. (see writing resources under Student Resources, if needed.)


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