EHR Project Plan Draft

Assignment: EHR Project Plan Draft (Course Project Part 2)

TIP: Please see the Rubric, in the attachment, for specific detailed instruction for this assignment.

Based on the EHR Project case described in Module 01, write a 5-6-page project plan draft. This project plan should include the following:

  • Description of the overall and specific goals for the project, including an explanation of the overall goal and the approximate scope of the project.
  • Description of the organization, and its characteristics and climate in which the project will be deployed.
  • A breakdown of the project lifecycle, explaining what will take place during each phase and who will be involved. This portion needs to demonstrate understanding and application of each of the project lifecycle phases to the Good Apples Group project. What tasks will occur at each stage?

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. APA format with In-text citations for references.

EHR Project case described in Module 01:

In order to complete this project, click on the link below to review and print the Good Apples Group Case. This document describes the Good Apples Group facility, the way they do business, and the need they have for an EHRS. Each component of the project is based on the needs of the Good Apples Group. You will be building a plan for delivering an EHRS system to Good Apples Group.

  • Good Apples Group Case
  • If the above link will not open, please copy and paste the link below into a browser: Files: Week 4 Project 2-Assignment, Rubric, & Lesson Consent.docxKfoxworth_Business and User Requirments Document Draft (Course Project Part 1).pptx