Developing Research Hypotheses

Topic:Developing Research Hypotheses (C)Type of paper:Research paperDiscipline:Business and ManagementFormat or citation style:APA

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Assignment Overview

Based on your general research direction, please pick one recent (last 5 years) paper from either one of these top journals. The paper should differ from the ones you picked in Case 1, and should have hypotheses in it.
Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Finance, MIS Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Marketing, or Journal of Consumer Research.


Case Assignment

Write a paper which addresses the following issues with regards to the paper you picked:
1.    What is the research topic of the paper? Why is it important?
2.    What is/are the research question/s? note that these can be implied or explicitly stated in the papers you have chosen.
3.    How the hypotheses (if any) are related to the research question?
4.    Discuss and criticize the authors’ approaches for hypothesis development using criteria explicated in the reading materials for this week.
5.    Think of a variable which the authors did not discuss and can influence their outcome variable (DV). Develop a hypothesis for this effect, and justify your hypothesis
6.    Conclude your report with a paragraph or so evaluating the entire exercise in terms of what you have learned and your reflections on the topic.
Please organize your paper in a scholarly way. Add section titles when necessary. Explain your logic and when appropriate, use external sources and use proper citations.
The paper is usually between 5 and 12 pages long.


Assignment Expectations

1.    Able to search for academic papers.
2.    Able to understand the key research questions and hypotheses in papers.
3.    Able to understand and articulate the importance of research topics.
4.    Able to understand hypotheses and how they relate to research questions.
5.    Able to construct hypotheses.
6.    Answer the questions with clarity, depth and critical thinking.
7.    Completeness and coherence: Chain of thought is easy to follow.
8.    Collected relevant evidences and consulted additional papers/resources to support the propositions.
9.    Paper is clearly written with appropriate format. Reference list is complete. Citation is properly done.