depth of what it means to provide person-centred care and

Students are to choose ONE (1) of the case studies used throughout the semester.

Review the literature and analyse the depth of what it means to provide person-centred care and

apply it to coordinate a multidisciplinary approach to care for this person with chronic and/or

complex conditions. (Consider – What does it mean to provide person centred care,

particularly related to chronic illness or complex comorbid conditions? Consider how this will

be the underpinning theoretical basis of your practice in caring for the chosen case. Analyse

the research that you find related to this concept and apply this to the chosen case)

You are required to submit:

Essay format paper in Word document, 1800 words +/- 10%, Addressing

learning outcomes:

1. Articulate health promotion and primary care in the context of chronic and complex care.

2. Identify key self-management principles and strategies.

3. Critically analyse care coordination and self- management in the context of

the risk of acute hospitalisation.

4. Demonstrate understanding of intensive (focused) care coordination for people

with complex, unstable and comorbid conditions during hospitalisation,

including early detection and secondary prevention strategies.

5. Critically reflect on practice in the context of person and care centred care

that is evidence informed and framed by communication, integration,

resources and collaboration within a multi-disciplinary team