1. Abstract

2. Introduction to Bitcoin and Ethereum

3. Background

a. How do we understand Ethereum and Smart Contracts?

b. Blockchain Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts

c. What are Pros and Cons of using Ethereum?

d. Ethereum Virtual Machine

4. Platforms or Programming for Smart Contracts

5. Smart Contract Applications

6. Research Methodology

a. Current Smart Contract Applications

b. Security Issues

c. Privacy Issues

d. Performance Issues

7. Ethereum System and Solidity Smart Contracts

a. What do we understand about Ethereum and the Likes?

b. How does Ethereum and the likes work?

8. Ethereum and Hyperledger in Smart Contracts

9. What can we get by the term Scalability?

10. Smart Contracting Programming and High-Level Issues

a. Usability

b. Ethical and Legal Issues

11. Specifications and Implementations

12. Pros and Cons of using Ethereum Smart Contracts

13. Current Trends on Ethereum

14. Future State of Ethereum Smart Contracts or Virtual Machines

15. Conclusion

Note: Paper about Ethereum
20 pages
ppt 12-14 slides.
No plagiarism,
APA , Citations, and references.

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