Chapter 6- Proteins:

Chapter 6- Proteins:

1. What is the difference between a vegetarian and vegan diet? Are vegan diets more healthful than diets with animal foods? Explain- pros/cons of the vegan diet? Do vegans get all of their nutrient and protein needs? How?  How does the vegan obtain all of the essential amino acids? Explain/discuss; look at the complementing of specific plant foods/amino acids so as to derive a complete protein.

We have also seen an interest in Atkins and Paleo types of diets, which are high in protein, (around 30+ % of total kcals, usually), and have more of an emphasis on meat/protein intake, and less on grains/carbohydrates. Pros and cons to these diets? Do you think Americans are eating too much or not enough protein?

Also- select a YouTube video or article that looks at one of these debates (vegan diet- pros, cons) or High Protein/low carb diet (pros, cons) to share with the class. Review and share the link.

Chapter 13: Weight Control

2. Address the following Nutri-case:Hannah – chapter 13. Hannah, an overweight child, was teased at swim camp last summer because of her weight…. and Hannah is not wanting to go to camp again this year because of the teasing.  What strategies would be good for Hannah? If you were the parent, would you have her go to swim camp, anyway, despite her objections/feelings? Why or why not? How would you approach Hannah’s weight issue? What nutrition plan of action and activity recommendations might you suggest/design for her?

3. Student’s Choice: Choose a topic that interests you, then begin or join a thread of conversation started by someone else.  You may want to talk about the…………….current surge in numbers of overweight and obese individuals…………treatments for obesity i.e. bariatric surgery, stomach stapling, liposuction, etc…………the effects of media hype on “thinness” as the norm; the re-sizing of clothes nowstarting at zero size; and on the positive size, the claim of fashion designers that theyare changing their emphasis of very low weight for models…………the theories on the genetic factors that may affect weight………….diets: do they work? Which are you familiar with? Pros and cons?…….OR any topic relevant to Chapter 13 or Chapter 6……