Biological Anthropology Discussion

Do NOT do Spider Monkies, Ligers, Tigons, or the Suborder Strepsirhini!!

A) What is the common name of the species? (e.g. Chimpanzee)

B) Indicate the species following the correct convention (e.g. Pan troglodytes)

C) What suborder and superfamily or family does it belong to? For help, look at this table, showing the breakdown of the Primate Order:

D) Where does this species live? What country? What habitat (e.g. forested areas; grasslands, etc.)? Are there any populations in famous zoos, rehabilitation cites or research centers?

E) What does IUCN stand for? What is your Primate’s IUCN Red Book status and what does that mean?

F) Locate and watch a video of your Primate. Provide us with the title and link. Who made the video? Is it a professional or amateur video? Make a few observations about your species from the video (size, unusual traits, interesting behaviors). What characteristics do you notice that are included in the list of Primate traits discussed in the VoiceThread?