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I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

I want a beautifully designed PPT presentation with visuals and effectsIt consists of 14 slides

The first title and names

(Topic: Endocrine System )

The last slides references

Requirements: 14-16 slids


Introduce the system and its main components.

Write signs, symptoms, investigation and treatment of at least 4 diseases of that particular system.

Guidelines for making the power point presentation are as follows:

1. Create one power point presentation to accompany your group presentation.

2. The first slide should have a title with the names and student ID of all the group members.

3. There should be minimum of 8 slides and a maximum of 12 slides excluding the slides with references.

4. All the slides should have a uniform font of Times New Roman with a size of 32.

5. All the slides should be numbered.

6. The presentation should include at least 5 scholarly references related to the topic and to be mentioned at the last slide.