Article Evaluation

For this assignment, you will produce a formal APA-style paper in which you evaluate the quality of an empirical article using the criteria you have learned over the past four weeks. First, download and read the attached article entitled, “The neurobiology of giving versus receiving support: The role of stress-related and social reward-related neural activity.” You may have to read the article more than once in order to fully understand it.

Next, download the file “Essay 2 – Template.docx,” which will help you format and organize your paper. Make sure to customize the template for your specific paper (e.g., running head, title, student’s name, university’s name). Follow the template as you write your paper. Please do not deviate from the template, as it closely aligns with the assignment rubric. In your paper, you will address the following criteria: measurement, sampling, analysis, and ethics. The paper should also include a brief introduction and conclusion, as well as a title page and references page. The paper does not need to include an author’s note or an abstract.

Finally, carefully review your paper for grammatical, spelling, or formatting errors. Compare your work with the assignment rubric to ensure that you have produced a high-quality manuscript.

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