Application Security

Discuss the following, supplying citations to support any information that you provide.  Do not include your opinion, only what you can support with a citation.  Address the following topics.

  1. Active Directory (AD) and the Azure Active Directory (AAD). What are they? How do they relate? What is their purpose within the context of Application Security?
  2. How can AD and AAD be used to make a custom application more secure?  (Hint: talk about Groups, Group Policies, Group Policy Objects, and the concept of Least Privilege)
  3. Discuss authentication and authorization in the context of Application Security

For all writing assignments ensure that you do the following:

  • Write 1000 to 1500 words in APA format.
  • Utilize at least five scholarly references.
  • Note that scholarly references do not include Wikipedia, .COM websites, blogs, or other non-peer reviewed sources.
  • Utilize Google Scholar and/or the university library.
  • Do not copy and paste bulleted lists.  Instead, read the material and in your words, describe the recommendation citing the source.
  • Review the rubric to see how you will be graded.
  • Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.
  • The second instance of plagiarism will result in your failure of th