Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography (Reference)

This is part Two of the Term Paper Assignment. In this part you are to:

1) Conduct a literature search of supporting peer-reviewed nursing journal resources. The articles MUST be published after 2015.

2) Locate at least one journal article that relates and supports your thoughts concerning your chosen topic.

3) Review the Annotated Reference List Grading Rubric for important information and guidance. See below.

4) Read your chosen article noting how and why the presented information applies to your chosen topic and how it could be applicable across the lifespan. Also, pay attention to what the main focus of the information presented. Your summary should clearly state what the focus of the article is and include appropriate details such as how the information will be useful in supporting your topic. Be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar in your summary.

5) Develop a reference page in APA format that includes the actual APA formatted reference. (See example attached and follow the reference with your summary (annotation)(Please refer to the sample Annotated (Bibliography)

6) Check your spelling and APA formatting before submitting.