Analysis Of The Case Presented

Topic:Analysis of the case presentedType of paper:Case studyDiscipline:Business and ManagementFormat or citation style:APAPages: 6

This assignment consist of reading a case study that I will send you and then write a double spaced paper responding to the questions related to the case that I will also send you attached. The questions have to be answered in a ANALYTICAL form, not just stating facts. if you have any questions please let me know


Please answer the following questions relating to the Steinberg case:

• Why has Steinberg’s been successful?

• Why, out of all of the immigrants in Montreal, was Sam able to create this  enterprise?

• What does “success” mean to Sam Steinberg?

• What role has the family played in the success of Steinberg’s?

• Are there any negatives to the family nature of the enterprise?

• Many family businesses are unable to succeed in the transition to a new  generation of ownership. Was the transition from Ida to Sam successful? What  made it so?

• What are the family’s values, and how do they impact the business?

• Now that Steinberg’s is a public company, is it still a family business?

• Why does the overlap between the business and family seem relatively minor  and benign?

• What should Sam have done to better prepare the company and the family for  the challenges they now face?

• What issues does the succession question raise?

• Who should Sam select as a successor?

• What do you think Sam’s goals/criteria are in this process?

• What should Sam’s goals be?

• Should the outside directors play a role in the selection? What should that role  be?

• If he picks Mel, how should he explain/rationalize this choice to the non-family  executives?

• What do you predict for the company in the next two decades?

This case analysis should not exceed eight(8) pages double-spaced excluding exhibits and appendices.