Administrative Functions

Assignment: Databases and Record Keeping (Course Project Part 3)

TIPS FOR THE COURSE PROJECT THIS WEEK:  Please see the attachment for additional information like the Project Overview Course Project information and the Apple Group Case used for the course project.

The table was started for you as an example in the assignment.  I would suggest that you use the example table given, choose 5 more departments from the list given, and add them on to the existing table that was given as an example. 

After you have completed the table, then you need to write a brief  data retention plan explaining how the data will be gathered, captured, structured, stored, protected, and retrieved.  What does this mean?  Think about the various types of data in the EHR ? how will the data be captured to get put into the system?  How will it be structured once it is in the system?  How will it be stored in the system?  How will it be protected in the system?  When it is needed, how will it be retrieved back out of the system?  To show you have answered all these and help you keep track, it might be helpful to make each of these questions a heading in your paper.

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate application and evaluation of compliance with state and local regulations, as well as a variety of modern data capture and data storage techniques.

Examples include:

Administrative Functions

Human resources functions-hiring, termination, employee benefits

Billing office-coding and billing, accounts receivable

Admissions, discharge and transfer-ADT system

Patient Care Functions





For each department and function that you identify, prepare a table examining types of data kept by that department, the urgency for having availability of information, and potential methods for storage. For example: 


Once completed, your data retention plan should include the following:

A summary of the data needs for the organization, the management of the needed use and access and the storage requirements to maintain sufficient data to support the patient’s care.

A breakdown of the requirements (both business and user) related to gathering, capturing, structuring, storing, protecting, and retrieving data.

This plan should be 3-5 pages in length. It must be in APA format, if any quotes done in the assignment please Use in-text citations.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word documentHide Files: Week 6- Assignment, Rubric, & Lesson Content.docx